Post-Divorce Bucket List

Your life. Your Money. Make it Count.

Have you thought about a post-divorce bucket list?

For many of my clients it's not about seeing the Grand Canyon or sky diving, but more about living a life truer to who they are.

Many of my clients have had affluent lifestyles, yet they no longer crave the 5-star hotels.

Instead, they have a sense of a life at a slower pace, with less things and more experiences.

Divorce can be a chance to pause, to reassess and reimagine the life you want to live.

In divorce, in your marriage, who did you not get to be?

What life have you not yet lived?

As you move through divorce, the ability to focus less on the trauma and more on the future grows.

Lifestyle financial planners help you frame this, give it depth, and, importantly, help you understand how much that life costs, so we can plan for it as part of the divorce and beyond.