Are you a divorcing woman who is expecting a financial settlement?

Do you worry that you haven’t got the skills, knowledge, experience, or guidance to make appropriate financial decisions?

Have you historically found finances unappealing, the focus on growth and yield uninspiring?

Do you worry about being judged by a financial adviser?

It’s time for you to have a lifestyle financial planner on your side.

Someone who will empower you to become financially capable.

So that you know what is needed to make appropriate money management decisions and act on them.

So that you have the skills to turn that knowledge into practice and empower you to have the belief and confidence that you can do so.

Crucially, it’s time to move away from a numbers focused approach, to one that focuses on how you can use your money to create a life that is full of meaning for you.

An approach that is inspiring and motivational and allows you to use money as a tool to create the post-divorce life you want.

If this is you, I can help.

Without judgement or jargon, just honest, human, and compassionate support.

Via bespoke, face to face/Zoom or phone calls.

If you would like to take the first step, please contact me via the enquiry box below.